Friday, 26 November 2010

A slight return.

I'm now a married man !
2 weeks in Egypt was just the ticket. Didn't manage to run as the leg was still being a bit tricksy and it was just too bloody hot all the time, did manage to hit the gym every other day and went swimming and snorkelling every day so did keep moving, which went some way to balance the evils of the 'all inclusive' honeymoon.
On the down side I can't get out and run at the moment as the leg is still giving me grief....however, i am aware that the Lakeland 50 is getting closer every day but if i bugger myself up any more i won't be doing it at all. Have been getting to the gym regularly to work on my strength and stamina on cross-trainers etc but am desperate to get out on the moors soon !
More stretching, heat and sessions from Kirstie 'the Hand' should have me knee deep in clarts in no time...i hope.