Thursday, 2 December 2010

Things are looking up ?

I managed my first real run in over 5 weeks the other night. It was on the road but i did go out around midnight in the freezing i wouldn't be branded a complete 'big girls blouse'. 3miles and no real pain and have upped the work in the gym ...plenty of strengthening, stretching and loads of endurance cardio, cross-trainery type stuff.
If all goes well I'll be back in the shite on a freezing Dartmoor within a few weeks. Going to crack out a few more miles on the road over the next few nights to warm the legs up and test my ITB  a bit before i go 'clart hopping and bog snorkeling' with Paul and Spook.
Fingers and legs crossed...first warm-up event ( Midlands Hellrunner) in 3 months.

Good job I didn't bump into the Sharm el Shark on honeymoon or my rehabilitation may take a little longer. But i would be the first person to hop his way round the Grizzly !


  1. Probably just as well you didn't look down.....

  2. Good Luck on the Lakeland50 I will be there Spectating due to injury You should check out the Spartan Race as well, my club has a big team in