Tuesday, 19 October 2010

For those about to 'Clart', we salute you !

Beat my apathy into submission today, did a flyer from work to race up to Princetown for a brief evening 'hoon' before the sun went down. Parked up at the track that leads to the granite quarry and after a brief freezing as i got changed, headed down the track and past the farm, conversing with the cows as i went. Took a little detour to play sprinty hill games but in essence just carried on past the quarry and followed the track round to the left and headed towards Princetown. Started to get a little bored of the track so as i approached the town I headed of the beaten and started the climb towards the 'hoofin' great mast...that's a steep one missus and thankfully a little bit softer under foot, oh blessed clarts ! Got to the summit as serious lumps of weather started to fall and the temperature plummetted, so 'balls out' over the top for a fast flat to the tor ( no idea which one - any ideas Paul ?) and an even quicker descent through the boulders to the car....and relax !
Looking forward to a quality, long run through the shite on thursday.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you ran past Yellowmwede Farm, Foggin Tor Quarry, up to North Hessary and down to Hollow Tor. Cracking clarts on the last stretch, no?
    Fell ain't a bad place to be.......