Saturday, 23 October 2010

Thursday long un and ouch !

Having been looking forward to a propper leg-stretch for ages, i've got to say that i'm a tad dissapointed with the end result of what was an outstanding day on 't moors.

Set off from Combestone Tor ( according to the all-knowing Moorland oracle that is Paul ) and ran, with smiles on face ( was a stunning day ) past many lumps of granite and through various swamps that Paul conversed with as if they were long-lost friends ( oh herro Fishlake Mire - how's it going, long time no see, how's your Bert's lumbago etc, etc ). Having set a bearing for a foreboding patch of evil looking swamp we ended up in.....a foreboding patch of evil looking swamp. Thigh high, fetid, reedy madness makes a great cross-training work-out ! Both Paul and dog vanished briefly and for a while it reminded me of old footage of tiger hunting from elephants. There was something down there in the reeds, rustling away and making odd growling noises but couldn't see what the hell it was....anyway Paul emerged but dog was in there for a while longer.

Finally emerging, reg-legged and stinking we carried on up to Redlake clayworks ( it's a pyramid Paul, it's obvious !) and gawked at the stunning views. One of the finest vantage points i've been to and has the added bonus of another Tor completely obscuring Plymouth...reesult !
As we set off again gone through 'the boulder field of certain death' we headed down towards Shipley Bridge. It's about this point that it all started to go pear-shaped for me. Got a bit of a long-term back injury that seems to completely screw up my right side ! The end result being that my 'toit as a toiger' right hamstring started to do it's thing and the niggling ITB problem flared up like a good  'un. So apologies to Paul and Spook for the need to asume odd positions on the floor to stretch every 10 minutes, absorb a mountain of brufen and
 generally slow down and be a 'big girls blouse'.

 Did manage to run up to Avon Dam but had to cave in and do some walking before the final mile or so descent to the car and a couple of pints of  'ye owd isotonic' at The Foresters.
Ouch !
So on the upside managed to push the mileage and ran through some awesome countryside but on the downside I have done a bit of damage to itb. Currently writing this in a stretch with hot water bottle strapped to the side of my thigh. Well everyone needs a hobby !
Getting married next saturday and then away for a fortnight. Let's see what i can break whilst in Egypt !

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